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We believe living a life that is just OK is not OK. We believe that everyone, given the tools, can live a brilliant life...

Trans4mind Training enables staff and students in third level institutes to bring a deeper meaning to the education experience while addressing the challenges inherent in the education process.

Trans4mind Training is a curriculum of online, interactive video workshops. This personal development training helps individuals to reduce their level of stress. They develop competencies in all the aspects of their life that affect their wellbeing, while making the life transition to college and afterwards at work, in the home, and within their family and community.

The challenges that each of us face in life make up a tapestry of the human condition. We may suffer with an inability to solve problems and deal effectively with stress and conflict. As a result of unresolved life challenges, confusion and depression may lead to poor health and work performance.

Or we may - with the assistance of effective personal development - overcome our life challenges and find greater inner peace, clarity, confidence and enthusiasm to achieve renewed purposes, both at work and in our lives as a whole.

Students can discover which life challenges are most relevant to them by engaging with our online Life Assessment tool. As students engage with this tool, they discover their greatest strengths and also where they are most challenged, and then as they go on to engage with the curriculum their developmental needs are met and they grow in confidence. This added student confidence leads to higher rates of retention, an enthusiastic atmosphere and greater success with the courses studied.

Happiness leads to Success

Trans4mind Training provides support for the following…

  • Catching student developmental issues early so that preventative action can be taken, thereby improving rates of retention.
  • Addressing shortfalls in life skills so that students are better prepared for the challenges of college, work and life.
  • Providing each student with a real world support structure in a personal development context.

Trans4mind Training provides this education through 29 interactive online workshops divided into 3 modules of training…

  • Module A. Healing Yourself
  • Module B. Being Successful
  • Module C. Enhancing Relationships

What's in a Workshop?

Mentoring or coaching support can be provided for each workshop. (This can be by the college or by Trans4mind). Real world group support is provided by regular meetings.

Worried student

A coaching leader speaks...

This is what Adrian Mitchell, Managing Director of the Irish Life Coach Institute, has overseen the training in Life and Business Coaching of over 1500 people since 2001 and is also an accredited coach with the International Coach Federation. He is passionate about the power and impact of coaching on the lives of individuals, couples, teams and organizations and the positive domino effects in the broader community and society. This is what he had to say after studying our training…
“Your company or organization will benefit hugely by using Trans4mind Training to transform your people in any or all areas of your business through their unique workplace personal development training system. It is simple to use, will not interfere with the daily tasks and projects your people are faced with, and will create an empowered, satisfied, energized, motivated, self-resourced, self-directed and innovative group of people working in sync with the company’s or organization’s goals. If this is the kind of workforce you wish to have, Trans4mind Training will provide it for you.”

Introducing Positive Change in a Campus Environment

When students make the transition to college life, their life challenges become amplified. Life prior to college was in most cases more sheltered. As a result of the sudden encounter with the additional responsibilities and freedoms of college life, a challenge that previously may have been dormant, can suddenly become prominent.

For example now that they are in a college environment where, unlike school, they are left to largely motivate themselves, students can benefit greatly from being trained in the challenge, Reach Your Goals. There are 29 such challenges identified in our 4 year study and we have an interactive video workshop for each one. They are listed below...

These life challenges were arrived at after coaching
hundreds of people online over a 4 year period

As students engage with their Life Assessment tool they discover their greatest strengths and also where they are most challenged, and then as they go on to engage with the curriculum. Then their developmental needs are met and they grow in confidence.

Improving Student Culture Through the On-Campus Trans4mind Association

Government bodies and parents are rightly concerned about the level of self abuse and indulgence displayed by many students. College administrators have felt helpless to change student culture in this regard. Consequently such behavior has come to be accepted as "the norm" and "there's nothing can be done."

However the on-campus Trans4mind Association, which acts as a support network for students going through Trans4mind Training, provides a forum where students meet, network, and discuss their training and its practical application in their lives. This creates a culture among these students where the values and life purpose the students have said are important to them while on the training program, are reinforced in the student group. This enables each student to discover who they are and this discovery results in having the strength and resilience to stand up for a more responsible approach to their college education.


Associates benefit from our online training and coaching, and spread the word about Trans4mind and our wealth of free personal development resources and paid for training. The influence of Trans4mind Training can be introduced to other years and departments on campus. Gradually this assists the whole culture of the college to change direction, away from any tendency to self abuse and irresponsibility, towards self care and personal responsibility, until ultimately the culture of the whole campus is transformed.

This change in culture leads to better exam results and an improved reputation for the college as a whole.

Who we are and why we’re different

Trans4mind Ltd is a company formed in Dublin, Ireland, in 20011 to present Trans4mind Training Workshops supported by life coaching, in corporate and Internet settings. As far as we are able to ascertain we are the only company in the world to offer a comprehensive, integrated, online personal development training supported by life coaching. The company stands on the foundation of, established since 1997, and one of the world's biggest and most used personal development websites.

Trans4mind moved in to its new Headquarters on April 5th, 2016 at the Synergy Centre, an innovation and technology hub on the Institute of Technology Tallaght (ITT) Campus in South Dublin.

“Trans4mind Training has provided me with the skill set to meet life’s challenges with positive confidence. On completing the course I reflected on the past year and realized that I am unrecognizable to the person who started the program.” ~ David

Some powerful statistics

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The benefits for students are as follows...

  • Having access to an online training that provides them with tools to master each of their life challenges
  • Being supported by their own personal mentor or life coach, in instances where they were unable to take their self chosen concrete step at the end of a particular workshop. This mentor empowers them to succeed in taking their concrete step and to get the learnings from doing so.
  • Being surrounded by a comprehensive support network of like minded students who are going through the training together and who are encouraged to support one another in our regular Association meetings.

The Benefits for College Staff

In a college, as in life, many of the students personal challenges are not addressed until there is a crisis. Typically this crisis most commonly occurs during the run into the end of year exams. To use the example above, if a student has difficulty reaching their goals and is not been trained or supported to do so, then exam time becomes a highly stressful experience that is a threat to many student's well being. Similarly with all the other challenges in our curriculum. If a student has low self esteem and this is not identified early on in the students career, it will undermine the students confidence and also impact on their ability to reach their goals and likewise result in added stress.

So we can see that these life challenges that students and other adults face, are all interconnected and vulnerabilities in one area feed into another. That's why Trans4mind Training is so effective - because it is a comprehensive life skills training, strengthening the student and not only improving their mental health but also increasing their mental wealth. This all leads to a happier student body, greater engagement with the students' lead curriculum and better exam results.

Consequently Trans4mind Training empowers students to rise higher on Maslow's pyramid of self-actualisation, and as they do so they become more committed and engaged with their college life and with their studies.


In short, Trans4mind Training runs in parallel with the students' lead curriculum, acting to strengthen the students' resilience and empower their life. Consequently the benefits for college staff are...

  • A happier more responsible student body
  • Students who are more engaged with their studies
  • Improved exam results.

If you would like to learn more about how Trans4mind can work in parallel with your existing college curriculums to empower your students to have more resilience, engagement and commitment - contact...

Wallace Huey, Director of Training, Trans4mind Ltd.
ITT Synergy Center
Email Wallace Huey
Tel 087 2466096

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