Fees for Trans4mind Training


Free Life Assessment + Consultancy

This service lets you see those areas of your work and life where you are performing near your peak and those areas where you would benefit from training.

Fee: Complimentary

Introductory Business Leader’s Service: Workshop + Consultancy + New Concrete Step

This service combines doing a Trans4mind Workshop that your Life Assessment has demonstrated is particularly beneficial, in parallel with Consultancy so that you create a really productive Concrete Step for your life and work, that you implement in the coming week. This is a training-enhanced, IT-supported, coaching and consultancy experience, whose purpose is to have you make a breakthrough in mastering the selected life challenge and in enacting a significant change to your life and business in this area.

Fee: €650 per meeting (Workshop, Consultancy & Concrete Step)

Your Own Culture of Excellence

We make available online, as a follow-on for your staff, the Trans4mind Curriculum of 29 interactive video Workshops as your own Culture of Excellence to enhance the existing culture of your company and create your Dream Team. Your Trans4mind Consultant will work closely with you as business leader to ensure the wellbeing of your staff.

Your role is to share with your Trans4mind Consultant when your staff are having challenging situations that are affecting the performance of your business. Examples would include: a team of people who are finding it difficult to work together, a person who finds it hard to reach their goals, communication difficulties or conflict between staff, employees who are experiencing stress due to work pressure. We have the ideal life challenge workshop available for every need.

Your Trans4mind Consultant is able to combine Trans4mind's unique Training with his/her own knowledge and coaching skills to deliver enhanced performance across any challenging area of work. This means that by working closely with your Trans4mind Consultant as and when needed, your company and its staff will be able to rise above any challenge it may face, now or in the future. This in turn will lead to a happier, more inspiring and productive place to work, leading to greater business success.

Fees: Upon application

If required, other options are available as part of our Premium Service, to support the creation of your Dream Team. All the staff of your company could have the full Trans4mind Curriculum available to them as online workshops done independently. ROI reports are provided on the value of the training undertaken. We provide a complete service to assist you create your Dream Team and a Culture of Excellence in your business.

For further details and to book your Free Life Assessment contact Trans4mind’s Director of Training, Wallace Huey. He'll be happy to give you a guided tour of the training platform, so you can experience the power of our training for yourself!

Plus to learn how Trans4mind can work in parallel with your existing wellbeing programs to empower your executives and employees to have more resilience, engagement and commitment, please read on...

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