Trans4mind Training for Companies

We believe living a life that is just OK is not OK. We believe that everyone, given the tools, can live a brilliant life...

And that companies - filled with people leading exceptional lives - become exceptional companies!

What is Trans4mind Training?

Trans4mind Training is a practical online system for creating high performance in the workplace accompanied by greatly reduced stress!
We deliver corporate wellbeing through individual wellbeing.
We do this by enhancing company culture - empowering your team to take thousands of new concrete steps that take you closer to realising your vision.
This enhanced culture is delivered throughout the entire company, utilising a customised platform of interactive, online video workshops, supported by coaching.
When installed in a company, the Trans4mind Training platform acts as both a training tool and a reference point for how goals within the company can be met. This is achieved by maximising the ability of everyone in the company to work together creatively and in harmony.
As a result of this enhanced company culture, the company has more opportunity to grow, develop and take on new challenges successfully. As it does so, the company maintains its cohesion through ongoing use of the Trans4mind Training platform.

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The Training in a Nutshell

WHO are we?

We are a training company that enhances the culture within Corporates. We do this through an online personal development training and coaching service, that frees individuals to overcome personal and professional life challenges, so that they become more productive and more highly valued members of staff.
We know that individuals who are more self-aware and more at ease with themselves are vital human components of the successful business. By unlocking the mental wealth of the individual through our holistic transformation programs, we enable a more engaged, resilient, creative, self-resourced and self-expressed workforce.
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Register with Trans4mind Training

After registering online at our secure training platform, you can login and do your Free Life Assessment...
  • Your Assessment illustrates the biggest successes and the greatest challenges in your life with a colorful infographic
  • Presents a Training Plan to address your life challenges in priority order
Note: This is the public version of our training program, not the corporate implementation, which can be customised to suit your needs and branding.
Trans4mind's Headquarters
Our Headquarters is ideally suited to serving the company's international activities, which includes our burgeoning client and student base and our expanding network of life coaches.

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