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How Trans4mind Coaches Will Assist You to Make the Most of Trans4mind Training

By Wallace Huey - Director of Training

Is dissolving barriers and reaching for your dreams important to you?

Here I will share how choosing the Premium Option in Trans4mind Training and having your own life coach will assist you to achieve your most cherished aspirations.

Trans4mind Training consists of 5 modules of personal development training with a total of 46 interactive online video workshops. If you choose the Premium Service you will also have the option of participating in a 10 Day International Retreat held in a beautiful part of the world. Then if you want to put all that you are learning into practice, you will be able to design, develop and deliver a community project where you live.

"WOW! How am I going to master all of that?" I hear you asking.

You will be able to master all your training in the Premium Service because you will be assisted throughout with your own self-chosen Trans4mind Life Coach who will empower you, by email and Skype, to implement all that you are learning in your daily life.

Your Trans4mind Coach is a trained and registered professional life coach, who will be there for you throughout your training. They will give you free analyses of life assessments you will be invited to do at the start and end of each module. Plus they will coach you on the learning you can obtain from the self-chosen concrete step that you take each week as a follow on from each workshop.

Our very best coaches will be there to assist you with real-world coaching on what you are learning in your 10 Day International Retreat. And your own personal coach will provide you with free assistance when you take on your community project. In all of the above you will receive coaching by email and you can choose to receive additional assistance from your coach via Skype.

Furthermore, as you do each workshop you will be able to choose to share with your coach the questions you have and the insights you are gaining in each workshop. This will empower your coach to support you by email and Skype in a really meaningful and effective manner.

If you have never had a life coach you will be surprised and amazed at how your coach will be able to support you throughout your training, so that you are able to achieve the goal you set for yourself at the start of each module. You may want to start a business, have a romantic partner or give up a habit that has been getting in the way of living your life to the full - your coach will assist you achieve all this and more! You will see barriers to progress dissolve and your dreams become real.

Is that worth your time and energy?

Your next step:

Contact Wallace Huey (Dir. of Training) to begin your personal introduction to the Trans4mind Training service. He will meet you on Skype, answer your questions and set you up for your initial Free Life Assessment session.

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