Trans4mind Launches its Training Platform

It's here - LAUNCH DAY!

After 6 years work, a large financial investment and the dedicated labour of 17 expert supporters, the Trans4mind Training Platform with its curriculum of 29 workshops and team of 7 life coaches, has been uploaded tonight at 5am Irish Time. The completed version of Trans4mind Training has been launched!

Aidan Doyle, our Chief Technical Officer worked through the night to ensure we launched on time. BIG CONGRATULATIONS are due to Aidan for his technical expertise and dedication, and to Peter for his oversight and direction of the program.

For those of you maybe unfamiliar with the vagaries of computer programming, our training platform is not ordinary webpages but a highly complex app. What Aidan, our CTO, and my Co-Director Peter Shepherd have achieved is simply extraordinary.

I'll give you a quick insight of some of the main features...

The Trans4mind Training Platform, the part of the site you engage with beyond registration, is highly secure. Everything you enter within the platform is encrypted and protected with a highly secure password. This means you can enter whatever personal information you wish and you know it is very well protected.

Once you enter your own personal dashboard, you can listen to an audio by Peter in which he explains all the main features.

You engage with the Training Platform in a simple 1, 2, 3, 4...

STEP 1 - is an invitation to do a Free Life Assessment. This is a highly sophisticated questionnaire and analysis, which illustrates your life challenges in colored graphics and listings. You begin with the FLA of your choice: Healing Yourself, Being Successful or Enhancing Relationships corresponding to the three available modules of training. There is another audio by Peter on the Results pages to aid your interpretation.

The FLA also lets you see the level of inner peace you have attained in particular life challenges and empowers you to set a goal for your achievement in this module of training.

The FLA also generates a Training & Coaching Plan precisely designed to meet your individual needs - and you can, at this point, choose a life coach from one of Trans4mind's team of heart-centered coaches to have a Skype consultation about your Life Assessment results - free of charge!

The coach will help you modify your Training & Coaching Plan to meet your personal needs and budget, and then you can decide at that point if you would like to progress with your training and coaching.

A neat feature of the life assessments is that the results are stored. This means you can do a life assessment before and after any particular module of training and see how you have improved. This feature also provides metric evidence on progress for our corporate clients.

STEP 2 - is where you are invited to go in and choose your coach. Your coach can be chosen independently of your FLA if you wish. In our coach listings, all our coaches are ICF Registered and have a heart-centered approach to life coaching. In the listing you can watch a short video of each coach as they introduce themselves to you, as well as read their biography.

STEP 3 - is where you can choose which workshops you would like to do, if you prefer to begin your training independently from the FLA or coach consultation. You can purchase workshops individually for €24 each or with a big discount if you purchase a whole module of workshops at once.

Each workshop has 4 video presentations, an Exercise, a Questionnaire and a place where you reflect on and write down your Concrete Step for the week - an action you commit to taking to change your life for the better, based on insights you have obtained as a result of doing the workshop. In each workshop there are also text boxes where you can record what you are learning and any questions you may have for your coach.

STEP 4 - is your online Personal Journal, a special private place where you can record your progress in complete confidence, and where you can utilize a range of profound tools to have a deep and insightful conversation with yourself.

Then there are some valuable additional resources: a PDF that explains the training, a podcast that gives the background as to its development, and my own book, written to support the training, ‘Unfold Your Wings and Watch Life Take Off!’

When you do an actual workshop the training platform allows you to store it, completed or part completed, for you to revisit at any time, AT NO SUBSCRIPTION COST. This means that as you progress with Trans4mind Training you build your personal 21st century ‘bookshelf’ of terrific, interactive multimedia personal development resources, ready for your ongoing engagement and input.

The training platform also includes video explanations of the training and coaching so you can get a ‘heads up’ on how it all fits together to serve your needs.

And that's not all. Within the platform Aidan and Peter have also created a wonderful dashboard for each life coach, so they have many facilities and resources to empower then to serve you, the client, to the best of their ability.

The training platform in its finished form can either operate as an integral part of our public personal development website,, or be a plugin for an existing corporate website - double branded by ourselves and the business we are serving - as part of their mental health and wellbeing service for their team.

The whole platform has been created over a two year period through the dedicated efforts of Aidan and Peter, with content created by the entire Trans4mind Team. Now it is launched, Trans4mind Training is ready to empower you to move through uncertain times with success and to have the life of your dreams.

Finally, Aidan and Peter have built this platform to scale. This means, hosted as it is in the cloud on the Azure Server, it is capable of facilitating thousands of life coaches and handling millions of clients and giving everyone, both coaches and clients, a personal service that responds to each person's individual needs.

Through our online training platform, scaled up over time to serve people from all cultures, we intend to fullfill our company's Vision which is - “To make the Human Heart visible in community worldwide, by harnessing the full potential of the internet.”

In the field of personal development it's a world first. From today Trans4mind is revolutionizing personal development worldwide!

To see these features for yourself, please Register here, then log into our training platform and begin by doing your first Free Life Assessment.


Wallace Huey - CEO Trans4mind Ltd

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